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12th July 1933

"Passing Brompton Road"

Letter to the Editor

Noel Farquharson

Sir,— The other day I entered Dover Street Station to go to Brompton Road. The platform indicator said “Passing Gloucester Road"; so confidently I got into the in-coming train. Immediately after there was a cry “all change" and afterwards the now empty train disappeared through the tunnel. The indicator remained unchanged.

The next train came in, and, a passenger asking: “Is this right for Brompton Road?” doubly assured I entered it, and then I found myself at South Kensington! Hurriedly I entered a lift and changed stations for the east-bound train. There was nothing at all on the indicator and the platform was empty, save for a young porter cleaning the wall. I asked him, "Does the next train stop at Brompton Road?" He replied: “I do not know, you must ask the guard!' The train ran in: I was in the middle of the platform, the guard at the extreme end. I called as loudly as I could: “Does this train stop at Brompton Road?" He waved his flag, crying “Jump in,' and I did so, only to find myself at Knightsbridge!

Again I changed platforms, telling my troubles to an official, and was assured that “indicators frequently get out of order.”

The next train in passed Brompton Road, but the next took me safely there, 23 minutes exactly from Dover Street and 13 minutes late for my appointment! My daughter, coming from Holborn the same day, had the same experience, and ours cannot be isolated incidents. A word in your mighty paper might remedy things, for there are few of us who have spare time to indulge in Tube jaunts.

Yours truly,

NOEL FARQUHARSON, 31 Dover Street, W.1I, July 10


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